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Home Prep Guide

Our goal is to show your home with the highest quality possible that will attract buyers and get you the best potential offers. To ensure your photo shoot goes smoothly and safely, we put together a checklist of things you should consider doing prior to your appointment.

Please Feel Free To Contact Us For Any Questions!

Below Is A Downloadable Checklist

Photo Shoot Home Prep Guide:


Turn On all Lamps & Overhead Lighting

Replacing Any Missing Light Bulbs

Turn Off All Ceiling Fans

Clean & Declutter Counter-Tops

Vacuum &/or Mop Floors

Open Blinds & Window Treatments

Remove Small Rugs to Showcase Flooring

Put Away Clothing & Shoes

Minimize Holiday & Seasonal Decor

Organize Sofa/Couch Pillows


Remove Water Hoes

Remove Trash Cans

Remove Toys & Sporting Equipment

Close Garage Doors

Remove Vehicles From Driveway &

     Front of House

Turn All Exterior Lights On

Replace All Burned Out Lighting

Clean Porches & Organize Outdoor Furniture

Pool & Spa Covers should be Removed

Clean up Landscaping (Mow, Trim,

     Shrubs, Clear Leaves, & Shovel)


Putt Away Dishes And Cleaning Products

Remove Small Appliances

Clean & Clear Counter-Tops

Remove Refrigerator Items & Notes


Make Beds & Arrange Pillows

Clear Nightstands & Dressers

Remove Items From Under The Bed

Remove Photos (if necessary)


Remove Waist Bins

Remove Toilet Brushes & Plungers

Clean Mirrors

Clean Sinks, Tubs, Showers

Close Toilet Lid

Remove Bottles & Products From Shower

Clean Counter-Tops & Remove Items

Arrange Towels


Put Away Food, Bowls, Toys, Beds,

     etc. Both Inside & Outside

Please Pick Up Waste From Exterior

      Of Home

Please Have Pets Restrained On A Leash

     Kennel, Or Off Site During Appointment

Hide Cat Litter Box & Any Scratch Post/


Turnaround Time: 24 Hrs For Photos & 48 Hours For Video

Thank You For Choosing

Stavo Real Estate Phototgraphy

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